Build Fantastic Carrd
landing pages & websites

Use our Carrd templates and premade sections to quickly build new landing pages and websites. Select from five different colors and multiple layouts and create a website that looks great.

Our Process

We offer a super easy process for our clients to create a great looking website

Select The Template

We have 15 base templates to choose from with an appealing style for everyoneThese are divided into 3 main categories - Full Bleed, Max Box and Max RoundedEach category has 5 templates in 5 colours - Blue, Green, Red, Black and White.The template chosen will form the basis of your design and every template has been honed to appear great on all devices and displays from desktop to mobile

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Select Sections & Fonts

Any project can implement any number of sections, but the base number is five. Legal (Privacy, TOS), newsletter & contact forms do not contribute to your quotaTypically, a website will contain About, Services, Benefits, Pricing, Testimonials, Newsletter, Contact but it will vary based on industry and business needs.
We have sections for specific industries, like Changelog, Menu's, Portfolios etc.
We may embed third party code via JS & CSS on request, see our FAQ for details

Upload Your Content

It's important you have as much of your content ready as possible, including all text, images, video, code for the final part of the signup form.Each content type has some preset rules should you require us to provide it.Text - Generated via ChatGPT or freelancer written.
Images - We may supply hero and feature images from image stock libraries.
Video - We can supply short videos from video stock libraries.
Code - You will have to provide the code and it may or may not work. Notify us.

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The Benefits

There are many benefits to using our preset Carrd templates and section styles

  1. Affordable

Because we don't design templates from scratch, we offer our clients a very affordable design service with great looking results.

  1. Easy Setup

Our development process is largely form driven at the outset and streamlined to get much of what is needed upfront.

  1. Tested

Building sites based on our preset templates means your building a site that is designed and tested to look great on all devices.

  1. Intuitive

Our Carrd based sites offer intuitive and easy administration with a feature rich dashboard that allows clients a lot of flexibility and power.

  1. Expandable

There is very little maintenance with our sites. You can set and forget and only look at your site when you need to update or modify it.

  1. Secure

All our sites feature SSL encryption as standard. Carrd is centralised and updated constantly by the dev team at cloud level.


We offer hero landing pages and websites. For a DIY build, you are buying the template only. All prices are in $USD

DIY Build

Our Build

Hero Landing

These pages come with a hero section and a single content area designed for SaaS and newsletter signups

$39 Our Build

$9 DIY Build

  • Text/Icon Logo

  • Social Icons

  • Hero Section

  • 1 Content Section

  • Newsletter Form

  • Contact

  • Terms

  • Privacy

  • Disclaimer


Standard Website

These sites come with a standard five content sections to offer more information featuring forms, galleries and embedding.

$129 Our Build

$19 DIY Build

  • Text/Icon Logo

  • Social Icons

  • Top Navbar

  • Mobile Navbar

  • Mobile Sharebar

  • Hero Section

  • 5 Content Sections

  • Newsletter Form

  • Contact

  • Terms

  • Privacy

  • Disclaimer

Site Features

Our sites feature all the advantages of the Carrd development platform.

  • Administration

Our sites feature Carrd's excellent dashboard and administration system which is easy to live with day after day and features easy maintenance.

  • Layout

Alter the background, page width and spacing. Use containers and sections to create new or modify existing areas of content and link them to a menu.

  • Widgets

There are around 20 core widgets with a multitude of intuitive settings for all common content types. Click, drop and configure each widget with ease.

  • Fonts

Change the font for any text-based content including all paragraphs and headers. Select from a vast number of Google fonts.

  • Reusable

Content types can be assigned a preset. Drag and drop new elements and select those presets to achieve design consistancy in text, images etc.

  • Responsive

Your website will look great on all devices and respond to changes in display size and format, whether its desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

  • Forms

Carrd features its own native form tool for simple form creation. You can also use typeform with appropriate configuration or embed other forms.

  • Embedding

Use the special embed widget to embed CSS and Javascript code for advanced styling and the integration of third party applications.

  • Payments

You can take payments with Carrd using built-in support for Paypal, Stripe and Gumroad. Simply configure the widget with your specific parameters.

Use Cases

Our templates are well suited to a wide range of uses and industries.

Service & News Signups

Probably the most common use for our templates is in service and newsletter signups in various forms, particularly for businesses in a beta or opening phase.Our hero landing offer is perfectly suited to this task featuring a hero area with a simple sign up form and a single content area summarising the main benefits of a service or product. Neat, tidy and to the point, these pages are designed to provide an introduction to a new product or service and gauge interest via the signup form.

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Small Business

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Professional Profiles

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Artist Galleries

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Feature Product Listings

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ac turpis egestas sed tempus urna et pharetra. Porta lorem mollis aliquam ut porttitor leo a diam sollicitudin.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ac turpis egestas sed tempus urna et pharetra. Porta lorem mollis aliquam ut porttitor leo a diam sollicitudin.

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Customer Reviews

Check out what our clients have to say about our services.

Testimonial 1


Navacaster Guitars

Testimonial Rating

" Superb! He toke care of my project as if it was his own. Really nice experience. Also fast and communicative. Highly satisfied!!!!"

Testimonial 2

Customer Name

Company Name

Testimonial Rating

" Hero Subheading which is generally two or three lines written as a marketing pitch talking about the most important features and benefits of your product or service "

Significant Educators Review

Eric Sigman

Significant Educators

Testimonial Rating

" Rockstar Unicorn.....will definitely use him again. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and amendable to my changes. Not one single disappointment 5/5 "

Testimonial 4

Customer Name

Company Name

Testimonial Rating

" Hero Subheading which is generally two or three lines written as a marketing pitch talking about the most important features and benefits of your product or service "

Testimonial 5

Customer Name

Company Name

Testimonial Rating

" Hero Subheading which is generally two or three lines written as a marketing pitch talking about the most important features and benefits of your product or service "

Our Statistics

Check out statistics across all our sites and freelance services


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About Our Company

Mid North Coast Websites. Welcome to my world. I'm Dar Dixon, an actor, producer, and soon-to-be published author. My life's journey has taken me through extraordinary experiences, from surviving the Iranian Revolution with nothing but the clothes on my back to escaping a doomsday cult that held me captive for two decades. Overcoming brainwashing, mind control, PTSD, and the cult's ties to extremist groups, I emerged stronger and dedicated myself to Hollywood and the pursuit of artistic expression.With a career spanning more than three decades, I've worn many hats in the entertainment industry: actor, writer, director, producer, host, voice-over artist, and podcast host, among others. But my passion extends beyond the silver screen. As an expert in cults and recovery, I engage in public speaking and private consultations, shedding light on this dark aspect of society. You may also catch me in the highly anticipated Netflix docuseries about the Eternal Values cult, which is set to be released in 2023.In collaboration with my talented partners, world-class Hot Glass Artists - Daniel N. Marder and Joseph Ivacic, I am currently co-creating 'The Theriac Project.' This transformative art exhibition stands as a powerful testament to the devastating impact of gun violence in our society. Through captivating glass sculptures, evocative video footage, and poignant personal accounts, 'The Theriac Project' challenges our perceptions and exposes the harsh reality faced by children. The exhibition's symbolic glass sculptures and irregular backpack creations reflect the profound effects of violence and symbolize the journey of life.As negotiations unfold for museum displays and international installations, 'The Theriac Project' demands our attention. It ignites dialogue, confronts preconceptions, and inspires collective healing. Together, we can bridge the gap between perception and truth, fostering a society that confronts the effects of violence head-on. Join me on this transformative journey as we work towards a better future.

Add On Options

Pricing for expanded or extra addons for our websites

Hosted SiteWe host your Carrd site on an ongoing basis$5 p/m
Extra SectionAn extra content section for more information$9
Further 5Five extra content sections for more information$49
Onsite SEOAudit your site content and images for keyword relevance$29

Site Sections

A list of common sections that clients can select for their website

AboutA simple section often with images providing the history of the businessSimple
ServicesList the main services you offer with a brief description and imageEither
FeaturesThis is more appropriate to SaaS site or tech oriented businessEither
TestimonialsFeaturing multiple customer reviews for a given business building trustSimple
PricingA two or three column outline of features and pricing with buy buttonEither
PartnersNormally a series of icons featuring your suppliers and business partnersSimple
NewsletterA simple form for obtaining sign ups to a regular newsletter serviceSimple
TablesVery common for pricing or options lists with summary descriptionsSimple
FAQUse a HTML/JS embed for accordian style faq questions and answersAdvanced
NavbarDesigned for mobile phones featuring a hamburger menuAdvanced
SharebarDesigned for mobile phones featuring a series of icon links to social pagesAdvanced
MenuThree column menu for a cafe and restaurant businessesSimple
GalleriesA series of photos where images are important - tours, hotels, travelSimple
SchedulingEmbed a sign up form for appointments. All manner of businessesAdvanced
CalendlyA more sophisticated signup form for appointments. Increasingly popular appFree
CognitoForm tool with great layout options and integrated payments. My favourite form toolFree

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General overview of our service

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions and answers for our development service

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Contact Us

Latest Updates

December 9th 2023

Redesign incorperating components from the international site.The international site will now be a landing page for our theme based templates, like Gimme Steak, Gimme SaaS etc.

August 1st 2023

All the main content areas of the site are completed other than the demo templates and websites which will come over time.I will continue with the full bleed colour series in the four other colours and then move to the rounded series along the lines of Gimme Steak.

July 31st 2023

Started on a new design for international customers and moving away from the Australian website.The new design features a more orthodox SaaS style and pricing based in $USD.

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Last updated: 9th December 2022At MNC Websites, we are committed to protecting your privacy as a customer and an online visitor to our website. We use the information we collect about you to maximize the services that we provide to you. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by you and adhere to the Australian Privacy Principles. Please read our privacy policy below carefully.INFORMATION WE COLLECT FROM YOUIn the course of your visits to our website or use of our products and services, we may obtain the following information about you: name, company name, email address, telephone number, credit card details, billing address, geographic location, IP address, survey responses, support queries, blog comments and social media handles (together ‘Personal Data’).Our services are not directed to persons under 18 and we do not knowingly collect Personal Data from anyone under 18. 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